Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If you simply cannot wait ... for the audiobook!

Dear readers, friends and family far and wide:  The book has been produced as an audiobook, narrated by yours truly, likely to be available for download sometime in January.   For those who cannot wait to listen to all 8.3 hours of prose, poetry and song from preface to final eulogy, kindly send check or money order to coordinates below, or call 706-782-9944 to give me your Visa or MasterCard numbers.  Cost:  $16, tax and shipping included.  It will be e-mailed to you as an (overnight ) download, or shipped on a disc (receipt in a few days), as you wish.  Both are in MP3 format.  Many thanks for your support.

Joseph Gatins

Remit check to:
The Glade Press
2489 Glade Road
Clayton, Georgia 30525

Audiobook details:
We Were Dancing on a Volcano:
Bloodlines and Fault Lines of a Star-
Crossed Atlanta Family, 1849-1989
© 2010 Joseph F.M. Gatins
Narration:  Joseph Gatins
Length:  8.3 hours
Category:  Non-fiction Biography & Memoir
Provider:  The Glade Press
Recording: MP3 files courtesy of StarPony Productions
Digital Hard Disc Recording Studio & Production Company

Asheville, North Carolina
Cynthia L. Stacey & Charles E. Wilhide